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Engraving Projects

The Latest and Greatest Projects
The Favourite Bottle

Of all the wine consumed on that wonderful day of celebration, this bottle was their favourite. It reminds Joshua & Mary of the blue sky, perfect weather back in July when they said their ‘I do’s’ and raised their glasses to the future – two love birds then, still two now.

Framing the Moment

A picture is worth a thousand words – but which thousand? How about just 40 or so from the invitation, to create the perfect keepsake for years to come. Long after the paper invites have yellowed and faded, this glass framed photo and sweet-etched words of my nephew & his new wife’s wedding day will grace the mantel and warm our family’s heart for years to come.

Stepping Through 100 Years

How would your family celebrate a reunion?
The Burrell family home saw those 100 years fly by too, especially the front porch steps! The babies that came in by it and the school-day back-packs dumped on it while the kids ran to play. It felt the foot-fall of wedding dress shoes, muddy rubber boots and summer-time bare feet. This carving into the step was one special way the Burrell’s celebrated their connection to the place their family grew up – they put their mark on it.

Oh Baby!

How precious when the whole story is right there, carved in the frame! At first… for mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, aunt and uncle to enjoy… then later for little Olivia, herself… “That was me, mum? That’s when I was borned? That’s what I weighed?” – Yes, Olivia. That was you!

A Long-term Award

Serving others faithfully for 25 years deserves an extra special ‘thank-you’. What better way Turtle River School Division to acknowledge that rare milestone than with the timeless look and resilient strength of a precisely-etched acrylic piece for Leanne. It meant a lot, so they engraved it.

Faithful Hunter

Timber never missed a hunting trip with Joe. He rode with him, ate with him, waited and watched with him, until it was time to get the game, then he was off like a shot, to do his job. When Timber passed on, Joe decided there was a way Timber would still be with him on his trips. Sure enough, he is.

One Cat, Two Girls

Growing up with a sweet feline can mean a lot to a girl. Especially when she was shares him with her sister. After he passed, just before the holidays, his face seemed hard to remember, but one special gift made sure that wouldn’t happen anymore. Captured from two photos, he came to life again engraved in the two wooden plaques. There weren’t any dry eyes that Christmas. There wouldn’t be in my house either.

The Graduate Apprentice

For Orin, graduating was a great accomplishment. Brian & Patti wanted him to know they knew it too. They had seen him make the journey, battle the ups and downs and then finally, cross the finish line. ‘Wrenching’ out the win… it was a unique way to shout out their cheer.