Forever Engravings | About Us
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Founder and Designer

“It’s the little things… like the personalized details that make the difference.”

I got into this business back in 2008 because I was retiring from Nursing after 32 years.
I think the really personalized finer points that I add are what people enjoy – maybe that comes from my nursing days.


Well, I started with a pantograph engraver, which is the old style of stencil marking on metal and although it worked, it was hard to read. Soon after, I moved to a computerized laser engraver, then expanded into a sandblaster to do more glass awards and glass ware. Not satisfied to end there, I added an industrial sandblaster to do stone and brick.


I love doing this challenging work –  it always demands creativity. Nothing leaves my shop unless I am 100% certain my customers will be happy with the end product. I am my biggest critic because I take pride in perfecting my crafted work.


I am pleased to be able to reach more people in more areas than ever. Some pieces have travelled to Edmonton and California and even as far as Thailand. Of course, many are gifted and given right here at home in the Parkland region. The glassware for school graduations, sports awards, service awards for schools and businesses, wedding gifts are personalized, one-of-a-kind gift items that you just can’t buy anywhere else.
If you are imagining a precious keepsake or reward… Contact me!